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Galerie Hofburg


Galerie Hofburg - figurines for Christmas cribs, paintings and sculptures

Galerie Hofburg is a meeting point for the lovers of art in all its facets. Particularly, we pay much attention to the figurines for Christmas cribs. The collection, gathered by Jacob Kompatscher, includes figurines for Christmas cribs, complete Nativity scenes, wooden sculptures, sculptures and paintings of famous local and international artists, such as Angela Tripi, Adriano Colombo and Leo Demetez.

Jakob Kompatscher – 20 years for art – 3 Ateliers

For over twenty years, Jakob Kompatscher has been passionately devoting himself to art in all its facets. Native of Brixen, Jakob is a son of Master bookbinder Walter Kompatscher (*1934) and a great-grandson of homonymous Jakob Kompatscher who founded one of the most ancient bookbinderies in Brixen.

In the heart of the picturesque old town center, there are 3 ateliers representing, at the same time, a meeting point and a forum for a great number of artists and art-lovers. The visitor indeed does not only have a chance to admire and discover different paintings and sculptures, but it is also possible to take part in the discussions about art.

"To conciliate the bound of tradition and the freedom of modern artistic trends is my personal daily challenge, which i face with great enthusiasm, passion and a certain kind of typical tyrolean quietness."

(Jakob Kompatscher)



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